Made on handlooms,powerlooms or frames, Door mats comes in different sizes and patterns with different brushes




made on traditional handlooms or power looms these are mainly used as floor covering, runners for furnishing stairs or corridors, wall paneling,ceilingetc..




fomil has introduced a new concept of rugs in the market, woven out of different combinations of natural fiberes.




Jute Loop rugs are woven in traditional handlooms by experienced, skilled workers in



Back to Nature


Coir as a 100% organic and biodegradable natural fibre, with great water absorbency, has a definite edge over synthetic geo-textiles. Naturally resistant to rot, moulds and moisture, it needs no chemical treatment. Being hard and strong, it can be spun and woven into matting.


Coir-Geo-textiles is the natural erosion controller to redeem and renew the earth in the most natural way. They are being effectively used for improving soil behavior, preventing soil erosion, and in helping consolidation of soil due to its properties of eco-friendliness and bio-degradability. They can dissipate the energy of flowing water and can absorb the excess solar radiation, thereby preventing hazard of excessive heating that occurs sometimes whole using synthetics.






The greatest advantage is that it provides an ecological niche for rapid establishment of vegetation. Revegetation measures using Coir Geo-textiles encourage the restoration of terrestrial and aquatic riparian habitat. Coir Geo-textiles have the right strength and durability to protect the slopes from erosion, while allowing vegetation to flourish. It provides an excellent microclimate for plant establishment, natural invasion and balanced healthy growth simultaneously allowing soil stabilization. After the purpose is served, Geo-textiles go back to nature by becoming a part of the ecological cycle without harmful waste.


Coir Geo-textiles is also widely used for soil reinforcement and landscaping. It gives new plantings a distinct advantage by suppressing weed growth and providing environmental protection. It also facilitates effective stream bank stabilization and hydro seeding.


Applications of Coir Geo-textiles are wide and valuable in terms of environment and nature conservation. They are used in road, rail, embankments, watercourse beds, erodable seashores, cutting and hillside slopes to prevent erosion, for waste dump areas and dams for filtration and waste removal. Inexpensive, quick and effective in slope stabilization and Civil Engineering practices, Coir Geo-textiles come in various forms like woven netting and meshes, woven coir blankets, coir logs, coir pillows and coir rolls. They are also available in different lengths, width and weight per square meter.